Twitter Video Website Card from API



I am trying to create a Video Website Card using the ruby REST API. I use the Upload Media endpoint to upload the video as a mutlipart post, then take the media_id and send it to the Video endpoint to associate the video with our ad account, then take the id returned (example form: 13_858201340161343488) and use it to create a Video Website Card. Finally, the returned card_uri is sent to the Tweets endpoint along with the appropriate promotable user as_user_id (also sent with the media upload). There are no errors along the way and all the calls are successful. However, in Twitter Ads Manager UI, I only see the Campaign and the Ad Group. I don’t see the ad when I click on ‘Campaign_name Campaign Line Item’. What could be going wrong?

Looking at the “History” tab for this campaign and comparing it to other campaigns, the only difference I see is the Activity “Started promoting tweet” is present for other campaigns, but not for any Video Website Card campaigns I create. However, nullcast is true by default on the Tweets endpoint, so this should happen automatically.


Glad to hear you’re using the video website card!

Can you see the Tweet you created with the GET accounts/:account_id/scoped_timeline endpoint or on under Creatives > Tweets?

Note that to associate a any Tweet with a campaign, you use the POST accounts/:account_id/promoted_tweets endpoint, specifying a line item ID and a Tweet ID.


Using the promoted tweets endpoint worked! That makes sense, I forgot that step. Thanks!


Not a problem. We plan to publish a guide on creating and promoting cards using card_uri. Thanks again for reaching out!