Twitter Video Card No Longer Works


We’ve had our Twitter video card working for months and it stopped displaying over the weekend. Can someone from Twitter please provide some insight. We’ve red through the docs and our test status and everything seems to be OK.


any help here Twitter :slight_smile:


Besides the fact we can’t spell (read instead of read) we are still having issues. Last week we put our code base through the validator tool and everything checked out as GREEN. Must be something else???


Hey there -

Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. If you resubmit an example card for review via our validator - - we should be able to have you up and running again soon.



It told me our shortlink domain ( was not whitelisted. Previously we had just had whitelisted; I wonder if this could be the issue?


That’s possible, I’m not sure - hopefully we can resolve this for you shortly!


Andy, sent some evidence to support that everything looks good on our end (included screenshots in the reply). Would REALLY like to get this resolved before the weekend. My developer is on stand-by to get whatever needs to be done, done. Like I mentioned, we’ve had an active video card for months now so this is very disappointing.


Someone, anybody, we need someone with some exterprise of the system to help us out. We keep getting emails that says “resubmit your twitter card”, but we CAN’T because we were already approved. The system doesn’t allow someone to resubmit a twitter card if previously approved. If there is another way to do it please let us know. In addition our picture and product cards are no longer showing on the site. HELLLLPPPP!!! We haven’t changed anything in over a year.


Apologies, we believe this should now be working for you.


It’s not, still an issue, here’s an example: Not working card: Here’s a picture link as well and no image is displaying


Any help here guys, just work with us and we can get this done…we’re simply waiting.


Looks like the player is working fine now

Note that existing tweets with links to your site won’t retro-actively update, so the iheartmpp tweet you linked to will continue not to have the card showing.

Not sure why the image card isn’t showing.