Twitter Validator generates card but fails to show image


I’m testing generating a twitter card and the right meta tags are in place to be scraped and our domain is white listed ( and it worked for a minute but then stopped rendering the photo portion. It’s a summary_large_image card, attached below is the result.

Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions?


At the moment I’m unable to test this for myself as I’m seeing timeouts connecting to your site. However, I’d suggest taking a look at the Troubleshooting guide and checking your robots.txt file (for example) is allowing access to images.


@andypiper hi, we currently don’t have a robots.txt. Here’s an updated link to our app.


Two more fixes to make - you need to put the value for twitter:url in quotation marks; and you need to drop the trailing / character on the twitter:image value (because right now, it gives me an error when I click the link to S3).


@andypiper thank you for the suggestions, I see that my twitter:url is already in quotation marks?