Twitter User timeline response Very Slow


I am trying to fetch public tweets using twitter user timeline. But the response time of the GET statuses/user_timeline api is extremely slow. Please shade some light on it. Thank you.


The first call to User Timeline API works fine. The secind call takes as long as 15 - 30 mins. Can anyone explain?


Can you provide any example calls that are running slowly so that I can try to reproduce?


The sample screen names that I am using for testing are cnet, bbctech, cnbc, forbestech. And here is the set of keys I have been using :

[cut keys]

The way we are doing it is we are switching the set of keys after every 15 mins to avoid hitting the rate limits. But since this problem has begun I have been using above keys for testing purpose.

The API calls are taking as long as 15-30 mins to respond. It was working fine over two years. Suddenly since last two weeks we have been experiencing this issue. And we are using LINQToTwitter library. We need immediate help. Thank you.


Removed the keys from the post, you should avoid sharing those in public!

“to avoid hitting rate limits” - hmm - well clearly those are there for a reason so I am not going to encourage this. Are you just pulling home timeline for those users?


We are definitely respecting the rate limit. In other words trying to avoid making more requests than permitted in the rate limits. We fetch user timeline by screen name.