Twitter user_timeline endpoint



This endpoint only has retweet_count and favorite_count for the last 3200 tweets. is there anyway to retrieve total count of retweet_count and favorite_count for all tweets? no need for individual info of the tweets, just the aggregation of total retweet_count and aggregation of total favorite_count to date for the user?



No, unfortunately 3200 is the maximum number of tweets you can retrieve. To retrieve all your own tweets - you can use the “Request Archive” download from Settings.


I see. In that case, is it possible to get historical retweet_count and favorite_count for a tweet A on 1 Jan 2016, 2 Jan 2016, etc?


Unless you know the specific Tweet IDs you want, you’ll be looking at the Gnip Historical search or PowerTrack products for this level of data and accuracy.