Twitter URL Shortener Only Helping Twitter


Problem 1: Twitter Website widget shortening URLs with displayed jargon instead of original URL. We use Twitter for quick backlinking purposes and not having the keywords inside the URL is not helping.

Response 1: Twitter changed the jargon shortened link to DISPLAY an ABBREVIATED version of the ORIGINAL URL.

My Response 1: Please I would gladly pay to reuse the tools available to me using prior versions of twitter.

Problem 2: Twitter used the ABBREVIATE URL only for DISPLAY while only utilizing TITLE attribute ONLY and using TWITTER HREF “T.CO” instead of ORIGINAL URL. Making using Twitter for BACKLINKING IMPOSIBLE without ORIGINAL URL HREF.

My Response 2 : Just put a small tracker into the widget for analytics purposes or give us an option of what we want the twitter urls to do in the settings. This would help us a ton. Comments?

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