Twitter URL scheme, HTML to App


Hi, Im looking into creating links from a website that once the user / visitor clicks on a link it launches the native Twitter App with a repopulated tweet. I have this working so far using the twitter URL scheme with post message string.

This launches Twitter App from the web and populates the tweet.

Im looking for info on the following :
How can i add a hashtag ? I have added it and it seems to break the tweet text
Is there an Android version of this scheme ?
Twitter cards ? Anyway of bringing / adding a call to action button in this tweet ?, most likely impossible from the web but thought i would ask anyway


At the moment we don’t document or support the URL scheme for launching the app on iOS or Android, so I’m afraid there’s nothing to add here. I’m aware of some unofficial sources that have documented the URL scheme, but they are not guaranteed to work.

Cards with a call to action - you’d want the Lead generation or Website cards, which are part of the Ads platform offerings.


Thanks Andy, I thought that would be the answer but felt it should still be asked. can i ask if all twitter Cards are part of the Ad platform now ?, I thought Twitter cards with a CTA button could be generated via development / API’s etc with no financial outlay ? The Twitter Card in question is to link to a website [signup button]


The Lead gen, Website and App cards are accessible in the Ads UI. The others are driven by meta tags and are documented on the developer website.


Thanks Andy, Ill head there just now and give it a good read over.