Twitter update limits Definitely not reached


whenever i try to tweet or reply to a tweet on any device, twitter saves it as a draft and gives the error message: “error posting your message, there was an error sending your tweet. It has been saved as a draft, please try resending later. (Error:forbidden)” i looked into this and apparently i’ve reached a limit of 1000 tweets in a day. However, i’ve only tweeted 138 times in my life, and none of those times have been today, yesterday or anytime recently, so i can’t be anywhere close to a limit. Could someone tell me how to fix this?


Where did you find that this is the problem you are facing?


I believe it was the Twitter Help Center which listed an error:forbidden as an update limit being reached.


Per the error response codes document, that’s one reason why this 403 Forbidden error may be issued, but not the only one. I’m afraid I’m not sure why this is happening for your account right now.