Twitter unfollows people on me


why is my twitter unfollowing people on me, i go into my followers and have to refollow people. very annoying !


Please report issues with the Twitter product to


last night 77 peoples unfollow me. what is problem? i not understand this.


Begin to live your life and ask yourself or open your mind


ya accept there’s no service for twitter unfollowing people


Twitter keep unfollowing people everytime i sign out of my account and keep sending spam to my followers please fix


My twitter keeps unfollowing people and I need u to fix it!!!


this is annoying af please fix it my twitter unfollows every one and its mad annoying needing to refollow them everyday


Just few days ago my account was suspended. After that it randomnly stop following people I have lost close to 500 follower this is being going on everyday for close to 5 days now im afraid my account will be suspended again and don’t know how to solve this issue. Help please.