Twitter tweets scrapping


I was wondering how many tweets can I get from twitter page using twitter API per day ? suppose I can get 3200 tweets per day, so can I get all of them in less than one hour ? And also my second question is related to getting duplicate message , because each time I’m trying to get tweets from twitter page, for each time I’m getting top 200 tweets but most of them are streamed and scraped in the previous try, so are they counted as 3200 tweets or not ? " Actually I think another way that I can ask my question is this: Does 3200 tweets per day related to 3200 request to twitter website per day or not ? I mean is it related to my IP address , is it possible to switch the VALID IP address “SERVER” to start sending new 3200 new requests ?


Have you read [node:121]? It covers a lot of these topics. The API has rate limits to the amount of requests you can make per hour. While they aren’t rate limits per se, each API method returning data has its own limits as to the amount of data that can be fetched from it. Rate limits apply to the union of an IP address and a user (when using OAuth authentication). Without auth, only the IP address is considered and the rate limit is 150 GET-based HTTP requests an hour.

When using an API, it’s best to avoid the term “scraping” as it has very negative connotations to a data provider.


Thank you taylor, That might be helpful, and about “scrapping” you’re right that’s not a good term for using Twitter API, anyway thank you for your quick answer.