Twitter trends showing same results for past several days


Hello, I am relatively new with the Twitter API, but experienced in PHP.

Last week I started developing an application that is using the trends API and it seemed to be going well. However, since Thursday, the results of the API call have remained the same for the US woeid (23424977) , namely:

For the top 5. These items have not changed in several days.

In looking around the internet for other sites using the API and displaying the results publicly, I see this same trends data being returned. However, this is different than the explicitly defined places you can choose on the Twitter website.

I am hoping someone else can confirm that the trends are “stuck” or give me their trending output for the US Woeid so I can compare.

I have confirmed I am not doing any internal caching. I have also implemented the API with several different codebases I found, as well as even tried with a wordpress plugin - same results with trends.

Any assistance/advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Twitter trends places is stuck
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Same here, tried it with twurl /1.1/trends/place.json?id=23424977 and yes, top 5 are exactly the same for me too:

The response also has:


which definitely seems like old data, i’d expect as_of and created_at to be within 5 minutes because generally that’s how long trends are cached.

I’m also getting the exact same 2018-12-22T23:47:53Z created_at value for a bunch of other woeids, so it looks like the trends API is “stuck”


Trends have stopped updating since 22nd.


It issue still goes on for other locations like Turkey etc.


I can confirm that this is some regional cache issue. The API is responding with latest trends when queried from Asia region.


I’m seeing this same issue as well. We began receiving reports of the problem from users on Sunday (Dec 23rd).


Thank you all for reporting. This is on our radar.


It’s Dec 28th and the service is still down (from Dec 22nd, over 6 days down), getting the same trend results via REST API… Is it going to get fixed?


yes, still the same problem :frowning:


same problem from Spain
last created_at returned is 2018-12-22T23:47:53Z


so, we are still living in 2018-12-22 and no news? really, this is strange, nobody can see wich trend is happening, but in the website you can clearly see it working, cmon twitter! probably nobody at the office during hollidays :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, this is absolutely amazing…
I’m writing from Spain, and Dec 22, when Twitter trends ceased to update and got stuck in its own ‘Groundhog Day’ is a special day in the country, because “El Gordo” lottery is celebrated, with lots of prizes and people celebrating and everybody talking about it (full tv news coverage).
Well, it also happens that the previous weeks to “El Gordo”, the most expected TV commercial of the year is released, precisely to announce the upcoming draw, and, here comes the better part of the story, this year’s commercial had a story ‘Groundhog Day’-like! That is, a guy was waking up always in Dec 22 (the day of the lottery draw), and the first days he is not into buying lottery, then after knowing the winner number he tries (in repeated days) to buy as much tickets as possible, and later on (in more repeated days) he ceases to try to become rich and better understands to share and help others.
So I wanted to share this real story, cause it’s incredible: Twitter API stuck in Groundhog day December 22…
“El Gordo” day.


The Twitter app and website have the correct trending topics, but any other app or widget still has “Josh Johnson” #1 in the USA for the past week. I hope this is fixed soon.


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2nd January, still broken.


I’m a bit amazed this was marked as “Solved” because Twitter is aware of the problem.

In my experience, it shouldn’t be marked “Solved” or “Resolved” until the issue is verified as fixed.


I’m still seeing this problem, too. It is very much not resolved.


Hello all,

Our team has implemented a fix for this and we are actively monitoring the situation. If you continue to see this irregularity, please do let us know.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey LeBraat,

Thanks for checking.
The issue seems to be back again. The trends are stuck at 2019-01-02 21:51:21 UTC.
Now, it’s happening for both us-central and asia-south regions.


Are you still seeing this @vsr? My tests this morning show that it is working properly.