Twitter trends places is stuck



So I have posted my problem on StackOverflow
But TLDR; For some reason, My request for top trends is giving the same output for the past 3 days on my VPS only. On any other device, its fine.

I thought it’s my fault until I looked at the Twitter response:

For the correctly working machines:

as_of: ‘2019-01-01T16:17:20Z’,
created_at: ‘2019-01-01T16:15:31Z’,

But for some reason, my VPS gets the response from the 22nd and December.

as_of: ‘2019-01-01T16:16:06Z’,
created_at: ‘2018-12-22T23:47:54Z’,

The same script is being run on both machines. No difference in code at all. What’s wrong here?


It’s a known issue with the API, nothing you can fix unfortunately see: Twitter trends showing same results for past several days

It’s worth adding your info to that thread too - specifically, might be worth mentioning that it works on another device / server / IP address range etc.


Device: VPS running Ubuntu 18.04
IP range: -
Server location: Germany

My personal computer that works fine.
Device: Asus running Windows 10 (latest update as of today)
IP range: -
Location: Australia


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