Twitter trends appear broken


I have found that the trend results for the United States are completely different between the API and the pages. I am using the woeid of 23424977 in my API call to /trends/place to get US data. The results that are returned are not the same as when I view them in the sidebar of a page on The account used in each case is not set to tailored trends. This have been going on for at least the last month or two. Any ideas on what is happening?


We are experiencing the same error but with other locations, It happens since two days ago, trends received have a “created_at” value a 3-days-old-date


We have encountered a similar problem: The trends returned by the trends/place API call are repeated again and again since two days ago. We resolved some cases thru the reset application’s keys option, but for the last ones is not working.


My testing makes me believe that the API is correct, while the is not. When I am collecting streaming data that shows a spike in a certain tag, the /trends/places API reflects this with that tag ranking very high. At the same time, the trends on the page have little to no relation to the data flow I am seeing.


I’ve asked a member of my team to take another look at this issue.

If you’re experiencing discrepancies, it’d be very useful to know what part of the world your servers of applications are making requests. Thanks!


Thanks. This server is at a ServerBeach datacenter in San Antonio, TX.



Orem, UT 84097


Thanks Taylor! It’s working.


Still not working for multiple accounts we are in contact with. Please let me know when any changes have been made and I will have people test again.


Is it for the accounts or for the woeids? Do the same woeids give different results for different users?


This is all related to Twitter trends for the United States. That is all I have tested. I am tracking it through the API with the woeid of 23424977 and the /trends/place request. The results I see through the API seems to match what I collect through the streaming API. The results I and others see through the pages for the United States are different and do not seem to match streaming API data. I and others who see this do not have tailored trends set.

This is a very straight forward issue to test. Just run the API request and load See if they match. If they don’t, then it is a general problem. If they do match for you, please let me know. It may mean that the problem is isolated to my app, server, IP, or something unique to the way I am querying the API.

Thanks for your help with this Taylor. I think you will agree that trending topics are taken seriously by people, and accuracy is worth trying for.


Taylor (@episod) FYI yesterday 12 starting at 9:40 a.m. GMT until 15:25 GMT the trends/place API call repeated the same set of trends for each woeid. Our server is located at Orem, UT 84097


Taylor (@episod):

I think that the situation is getting worse. As you can see on the following captures we received different set of trends for woeid 23424950 (Spain*) at the same time: ( / Madrid) (Utah) (Berlin)

Also, we detect until 5 sets of repeated trends for a lot of differents woeid.

How can we help? What other information do you need?

*Spain is just an example. We try with WW (1), Caracas (395269), and so on.



As Adam (@140dev) says there are not relationship between the last available answer from the API and the trends at

As 9:30 GMT the API return a trends set for 23424950 (Spain) created_at 9:13 GMT, which repeated 3 times since the previous answer returned by 8:58 GMT.

When my app call the API at 9:15:03 GMT the set created_at 9:13 was already “created” but I received a set for 8:58 GMT.

I really need help to resolve this situation (if is a situation) and I don’t want to bother you. Please let me know any other information that can be useful.


Any update on this? We’ve noticed the staleness issue as well.

Beyond that, I’ve checked multiple WOEIDs for points across the U.S., and rarely do the terms seem to vary much from location to location. Would like to know more about how trends are elevated in this API.


Well, yesterday the trends/place API call repeated the same set of trends for each woeid during 8 hours :frowning:

At 9:50 GMT began to repeat the 9:45 GMT set until 17:15 GMT.


Has anyone noticed that for the last 8 days, or so, the number of trending topics returned by the trends/place API has dropped drastically? /cc Taylor @episod


I know this is very old but I am having the same issue with several locations worldwide. The data returned from the API do not match the data in the actual twitter website. Does anyone have any additional information about this? What should we trust the API or the website?


The website may use different data sources than the API and surface user interest data that is not available in the API. That could account for some differences. If you want to use trends programmatically the API is the only data that you can currently consume.

Twitter trends or API trends one of them is broken

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