Twitter Ton Put Upload



This is regarding twitter ton put upload API.

  1. When uploading a file < 64mb the location response header does not have an extension (.txt), the location header as per the api is supposed to have a extension according to the Content-Type sent, (text/plain in this case)

  2. When uploading the file >64 mb in chunks, the post request for fetching the location returns 201 status but when i use the same location to upload chunks of data (as per minimum chunk size in the response) it throws NoHttpResponseException/or sometimes 400 bad request, not clear from the script as to what is causing this.



What is your use-case for the TON API? What kind of files are you attempting to upload and for what purpose?


Hey Jacob,

The use case is to associate a tailored audience placeholder with a uploaded bucket of audience details, i’m trying to upload a text file with hashed values of emails of users, the issue is coming when using the PUT API with chunks sent to the server.


Hey Abhishek,

Please reach out to us via email to answer your questions. If you’re unclear who, reach out to your primary product/engineering point of contact who can share that with you (cannot share via this forum).



Yes, I’ll compose an email with the details and reach out.


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