Twitter timeline widget stopped working



The Twitter timeline widget stopped working on, after running successfully for many months. No changes were made to the site that I’m aware of (am the developer + my company hosts the website), but when I went to look at an unrelated issue today noted the twitter feed for @NAMICommunicate no longer appears in the footer.

If I look at the site using Firebug it reads there “Widget configuration is not found.” Any advice on how to correct this issue?


An embedded user timeline requires a widget ID, which is created and saved in a Twitter account. The timeline embed in your site footer references widget ID 565966835599024128, which can be accessed from your Twitter account if it exists:

Creating a new embedded user timeline for NAMICommunicate while logged-in from the NAMICommunicate account will help other people in the organization discover your configured widgets and protect against someone deleting an account previously used to create a widget configuration. You can replace the newly configured widget ID or full HTML snippet in your site footer to render an embedded user timeline using this newly stored widget configuration.

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