Twitter timeline widget stopped working



Yesterday, on August 24, 2015, the twitter timeline widget on stopped working.

Tweets by @OakvilleLibrary

It’s totally gone. I replaced it with a new widget but this didn’t work. Please HELP!


Hi Anja,

We’ve done an investigation into this and it appears that your site was overriding the JSON implementation in the browser with a non-standard version. We’ve got a patch lined up which accounts for this and will be deployed soon. Thanks for your patience.



Thank you Ben for such quick response and your help, Anja


Hi @Anja19,

We’ve deployed a fix today that restores widgets functionality with your version of JSON. The timeline should now be displaying on your site again.




God morning Ben,
Thank you for your help.

The timeline is displaying now on the website but the timeline’s scrollbar is not functioning and height is bigger than I have in settings. (250px)
Could you please help!

Thank you in advance,



Hi @Anja,

The reason your timeline doesn’t scroll is because you have the data-tweet-limit="4" attribute set on your embed code: That instructs the widget to display four Tweets, at whatever height those Tweets come to instead of an infinite scrolling list. If you want a scrolling widget, just remove that attribute from your embed code and set data-height="300px" (or whatever height value you want instead.)



Thank you so much Ben,
it works perfect now!!!