Twitter timeline widget dissapears! please help!


Hi guys!

I’m using this snnipet to paste in my website

        **<a class="twitter-timeline"  href="" data-widget-id="525671353400045568">Tweets por el @MaddyLopz.</a>**

** **

But when i resize the windows, the widget just dissapear! what’s wrogn in the code???
I’m building the site in Adobe Muse… in other webs i made i used this code and everything works fine…

PLEASE HELP! I DON´T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!:persevere::cry::sob:



It’s most likely because the DOM parents of the rendered iframe is being modified. In other words you can’t move the widget in the DOM after it has rendered.

It’s hard to solve this problem for your case without details. You want to identify how the elements are moved and if you can disable it. When resizing, Adobe Muse could be modifying the DOM and moving elements. Can you disable that? Another typical solution is to try to add the widget after resize using one of our javascript factory apis .


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