Twitter timeline not showing



We have twitter timeline embedded in our website based upon widget code provided by us via twitter site but as of yesterday, we are not getting any timelines

Pls see on

All we see is Tweets by @PakPassion

I know that this was an issue a few months ago but I got the new widget code and it was working.

Suddenly this has stopped working - what is the remedy for this? I have generated new code and inserted but the same effect.



OK - seems that this is only an issue on Firefox - Chrome and IE are fine!

Any ideas?


I have the same issue. Only a text link shows where there used to be my Twitter feed. ( How to solve this? It has worked fine before. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions. /Maria


I use Chrome and it’s not showing there nor on Firefox. And I tried to embed the code to my RebelMouse and all I saw was the link, so I think there’s something with the code that is not right. But it has worked fine before so I don’t know what it can be.