Twitter Timeline and TAP analytics tracking through API


We are having issue tracking clicks on both types of placements. Analytics is not designed to track click / stats on both placements at the same time, There is no end point on TW API (V2) that allows us to send request to track both.

The best option to make this work is to have the ability to send multiple placements in the stats request calls. This will allow the stats to be accurate and we won’t run the risk of hitting the rate limit.

TW API version 2 does not have any end points that allow us to send multiple placement at the moment. If Twitter has any other options then we can look at them.

We currently have the ability to target the following placements:


There is another placement called ALL_ON_TWITTER (code change required) maybe this what we need, a single placement that covers all. Can you guys please confirm whether this is the best route for the issue at hand.


Thanks for the question, @Monster.

It sounds like you are asking how you could retrieve analytics for both Twitter and Twitter Audience Platform data in a single request.

That’s not something the Ads API supports. For example, the GET stats/accounts/:account_id documentation states:

Only a single value accepted per request. For entities with both Twitter and Twitter Audience Platform placement, separate requests are required, one for each placement value.

The same is true of the asynchronous analytics endpoints.

To minimize the number of requests you make, use the line item’s placements to help you determine whether you need to make two analytics requests for a particular ad entity associated with that line item.

  • For example, for placements that begin with TAP_* or if the line item has PUBLISHER_NETWORK placement, you’ll have to request PUBLISHER_NETWORK data.
  • Otherwise, only an ALL_ON_TWITTER request is required.
    • ALL_ON_TWITTER covers the following line item placements: ALL_ON_TWITTER, TWITTER_PROFILE, TWITTER_SEARCH, and TWITTER_TIMELINE.

Hope this helps.