Twitter Thrift packages utilizing com.twitter.commons.stats package output WARN messages


We are using twitter Thrift API for our application and couldn’t find any group to post this to, so posing it to Streaming APIs

In out JBoss log file every single call that is made via REST through Twitter Thrift apis, specifically com.twitter.commons.stats package give us a WARN message, which has been plaguing us forever on most rest calls

13:55:48,661 WARNING [com.twitter.common.stats.Stats] (Thrift[Koverse_Admin_Service][0]) Re-using already registered variable for key Koverse_Admin_Service_getSystemStatus_retries

Is there a simple way to change the logging level for the twitter Thrift stats package via log4j?

Thanks for help


It seems this is an external library, this looks like an issue with this library and not related to the Twitter API.
I changed the category to Developer Teatime, as I think it fits better there and the chances anyone will find it there and is able to help are higher.