Twitter:text:description Missing


Hi! I already have working twitter cards in one site. Now i want to have them in other site. But is not working!!! :frowning:

The error is ERROR: Required meta tag missing (twitter:text:description)
I see the HTML and meta description is blank.

Here is my code (Don’t recommend my to use Plugins):


Does your Wordpress post / page have an excerpt? If the meta description is blank, it looks like $twitter_desc is not being populated via the get_the_excerpt() PHP function. If the excerpt is empty, that would explain it.


Any update? if not this thread will be closed. Thanks.


Oh! Sorry for not reply this before.

It has <?php the_content();?>, but i tried put that in the “$twitter_desc” variable. And nothing.
Then i tried to replace content for the excerpt, and nothing happened :frowning:


This sounds like your Wordpress site doesn’t have an excerpt set for each post then.


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