Twitter support not replying; unable to use API because of mobile phone number




We are trying to develop and test an emergency message system that can reach more citizens quicker and wider than any alternative to Twitter. Unfortunately we are stalled since a week.

Our contractor is furious. We are trying to use the API for a week. First we emailed and tweeted the Twitter support for help with activation of an account without a mobile phone number because we’re not a single person and therefore do not own one.

A week later without any reply from Twitter our contractor gave us a temporary phone number that we can use to activate the account. We have tried but all we get is

We are unable to register your phone number now. Please try again.

This is really annoying especially since the Twitter support doesn’t answer. There is also no phone number that we can call to talk to an actual human.

We have a deadline until the end of this week to run a successful test on our system using the Twitter API. If we are unable to use it by Friday, our contractor will cancel the project and it’s become a huge waste of time and money and worst of all, our emergency system that could warn thousands of citizens from earthquakes and chemical incidents is not going to be activated, literally endangering people.

We are now trying every single channel that we have available to reach the Twitter support in order to find a solution within the next day. It prevents us from actually working on the system and wastes even more time.


Sorry for the issue you’re encountering.

If you’re unable to add a phone number to your account for some reason, you should raise a ticket with us.

Please use the last form option on and a member of our platform operations team will assist you.


Same problem here. It seems this is not limited for specific accounts.


Understand the frustration. Please go ahead and raise a ticket as described about and our team will do their best to help.


Thanks. The issue was solved next day I posted this comment.


what the heck is wrong with twitter? i can’t even open a ticket because the field is not editable! and without email address i can’t send the ticket. i can’t confirm my mobile number and when i want to confirm my email address it never sends me a link. i can’t even delete my god damn account! i’m furious! solve this issue or delete my account, but do anything. i’m not even activated and already furious with twitter!