Twitter support for pretty urls



Is there any support for pretty url in twitter? For example, if we share a link as pretty url in twitter, it does not open the correct page. However if we use hash-bang (#!) mode it works. Any pointers?

Thanks in advance.


Can you please explain what you mean by “pretty URL” in this context - maybe provide some examples of things that work and things that do not?


Sure. What I meant is urls which does not have hashbang (#!) (e.g. and not!/1000081525) . If we share the url without hashbang it does not open the right page.


I guess you need to be even more specific as to URL patterns that do and do not work. Certainly I don’t see a particular issue with a large number of URLs that don’t contain hashbangs. I’d imagine the issue would lie with the site interpreting the inbound click, and not with Twitter, but I’m willing to be shown otherwise.

Is this an issue that relates to Twitter Cards?