Twitter summary large image work for one page but not for the others


It work for

but not for

When i validate but work great and it says that * is approved

Do i have to do something for the second page to enabled it?


I’m having a similar issue…

This page works fine:

This one comes out as a normal Image Card:



We can’t get any of our images to work with summary cards including the large image. Our code mirrors the documentation provided by twitter and matches both of your working urls. Likewise we cannot seem to get anyone from Twitter to assist us. Our images are large enough in size per the specifications and don’t exceed 1mb. No reason for them not to work. Very frustrating.


Please don’t hijack the thread, if you message me on twitter a URL I’ll take a quick look if you like.


I am having a similar problem with images on summary Twitter cards. Summary cards with images have worked fine for about a year. Nothing has changed on my site. I just created a new discussion thread about this. It seems the problem is something on Twitter’s end.