Twitter "Summary Large Image" card not appearing in stream - already aproved


I have validated my blog to work with “Summary Large Image” however I have recently had a new post and it did not appear as such.

test for validation -

I am using the Publicize plugin as well as All-in-One SEO. I have to use a custom Publicize message in order to include tags, however the rest of the card is generated correctly via All-in-One.

So I am wondering how to correctly display the Summary Large Image, with hashtags from a WordPress post.


The Summary Large Image card shows up fine with that post for me, see for a screenshot.


Sorry, yes I realized it looks that way inside the individual tweet, however my Degenerates Paradise thread does not look that way. Is there a way to make the thread display the full summary?


No, the cards do not show by default - you have to hit the “show summary” link at the bottom of the tweet.


Andy, I appreciate your explanation. That being the case, I would at least like the picture to appear along side in the thread view. Can you point me in the direction as to why nothing is showing up?


Card information is visible when expanding the tweet. If you’d like to include the article’s photo pre-expanded in your timeline, you can attach the original photo to the tweet when posting. This would mean your tweet has both the URL to your article and an automatically created URL. This is not ideal, but our product team is aware of this use case and is always working to improve the user experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to follow up.