Twitter summary cards approved but not showing up on twitter


I received an email stating my summary card had been approved, yet i cannot see it on twitter. It worked perfectly in the validator tool but I cannot see it on twitter.


Can you please share a sample url?


Hi @HitKarma,

Looks like your Cards now show. Might have been a caching issue, and we’re working on improving the latency there.

Also noted that the images don’t appear! I think it might be malformed tags for twitter:image. For example, you have this:

That appears to be missing a trailing slash at minimum between the com/hit.

Let me know if we can be of help!


Can you please help. My Twitter Summary card not showing, but I believe it was whitelisted. But now its saying its not.


Sorry for the issues you’re seeing.

We sometimes have a crawling/caching delay. To clear the cache, you can use this technique:



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