Twitter Summary Card Stopped Working


Our Twitter summary cards have randomly just stopped working. The url still validates. Has there been a change of some sort?

Sample Url -


Sorry for the delay. Logged a ticket with the team. Will let you know what we find.


Thanks for getting back @rchoi

I’ve included a link to a screenshot of the validation -



Has there been any progress with this request?



We’re having the same problem.

Page validates with image, but about 1-3 minutes later the card just disappears and the tweet shows up once again in the timeline missing the card.

At first I thought it was a safety precaution (for instance if someone changed the actual news site or story to something else), but nothing has changed this time around and it still happens. We’re jusing the “summary” version as we are a news agency and want to provide users with a peak into the story to see if it’s something they care to read the site.

Other users: Are all of the summaries that disappear including images?

Twitter Techs: What happens if someone (either seriously or fecitiously) hits the “report image” button? Would that put the summary “on hold” ? I’m just guessing here but wonder if this problem is in part due to “vandalism”?

Answer to Postscript:
The problem is occuring in summaries without images as well, so the above is not
the possible culprit. This doesn’t rule out people fecitiously marking twitter posts as “spam” if they do not like the message, so that might be something for Twitter techs to check.

Postscript 2:

Other users: Do each of your websites or pages also include Google Microdata metacodes?

Twitter Techs: Could there be some conflict between Google Microdata and Twitter Card metadata?

Postscript 3 (4 hours after summary card disappeared):

Some of our summary cards have reappeared after disappearing without any action
on our part.



Is there any update on this issue?




Hi any update? It has been over a week.



Thanks for re-pinging. Sorry for the delay.

Haven’t heard anything from eng team, but one idea to try: is it possible to have the image be direct link to, instead of the URL shortener? (



Thanks, that seems to have solved the problem.