Twitter summary card not showing up, but everything seems ok


Hi, I’m trying to integrate twitter cards to my blog. It runs on and is only static pages.

I applied to the summary card and recieved the confirmation by mail (supprisingly quick! like 5 minutes).

I tried to validate a page and it’s ok : see this pic

It’s related to this page :

I then tried to tweet this page :

And the summary is not showing up.

Do I nedd to wait a bit? Or maybe something is wrong?

Thanks in advance,




HI Xaviar - I just checked your page and it looks like the Summary Card is rendering properly. Please let us know if you are still seeing issues.


I have a blog on as well, and my Card does not appear as well: All the source code is available on GitHub, but suffice to say that it passes the validation. Here is an example tweet:

At one point, a Card did show up for a tweet, but it no longer does.

I don’t know whether something needs to propagate, but it has been an uneven experience at best for now.