Twitter summary card large image is not shown without validating once/twice/thrice


Hi I cross-checked all troubleshooting methods for cards, they are fine. But still, our card images are not shown without validation.

Tweeted without validating:


Re-tweeted after validation



Hi Twitter Support, we have been waiting for 7 days for the reply.


Hi @SureshKlesis per the pinned support topic, what is the URL(s) that you’re having an issue with?


Thanks Andy. The URL: We observed a new thing that - this URL: It is not validated, and the image is shown after 8 hours of the tweet.

Before seven hours:

After seven hours:

Like this, few of articles images are shown some times and not shown some times


We are checking our application code also.


Please check this URL also


Hi Suppport @ Twitter, Kindly reply.


I’m unable to reproduce, I’ve validated your URLs and they show up with images as expected.


Means, do we need to validate every new article before tweet? and validate the tweeted articles for which images are not shown


No, once the top level domain has been validated (it has) then as more links are shared, the crawler will visit them. This may not always happen instantly, and depending on the performance of the domain, it can take a few hours.


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