Twitter summary card images dont show



I know this has been discussed many time, but i still cant figure out the missing image problem.
this is my URL

and here is my tweet:

My robot.txt file set to allow all. So there is no issue with the crawler.

Please help.


Your image URL redirects to and there is an issue with resolving that address for some reason.


Hi Andypiper, sorry late reply, finally this has been sorted. thanks for your kind help!


Great, glad to know you’re all set!


@andypiper Hello Andy I am also having the same issue I have tried all possible solution
The Url for my website is :
It is being tested on card validator but still in my tweet image is not appearing please suggest me the best possible solution.
The Image that I am using is


The URL for your image does not resolve in DNS in a browser for me. It is not fetchable.


Sorry for the inconvinience The url for the image in my website is :


That URL still does not load.


Hello @andypiper,This URL is loading fine at my end please try to open it on chrome browser


Hello Andy I have changed the dimensions of my image :

and in card validator also I am able to successfully generate card.Please provide your useful suggestions how can i generate image in tweet Thanks ! @andypiper


I just Tweeted the link and the card shows fine.


@andypiper yes Andy I can see jobs being shared without signing in to the website are tweeted correctly with large image card but after Signing in to my website and then tweeting job the image is not visible do you have any suggestions on it??


I don’t understand the issue.

Cards render inside the final posted Tweet (not in the web Tweet composer window) when the target link is a publically-accessible URL that contains valid markup. We’ve proven that the example links you’ve provided do indeed render cards when Tweeted.


The Example that I have provided above when you try to share it without sign-in to the website will be tweeted correctly as a large image card…But after sign-in if you tweet any of the job it will b tweeted but without picking the image url that I have provided


As you are trying to access the website URL For eg : “” you will be redirected to “”(which is a public page) and hence can successfully tweet with large image card


Hello @andypiper The page from where you are trying to tweet is a public page but for our site users the same is password protected and when they are trying to tweet the image is not picking up by twitter crawler.So do you have some suggestions for Password protected pages.How we can share images from them .Thanks for your time …


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