Twitter summary card for twitch


Hi I am a new streamer and new to Twitter also. I am trying to tweet my twitch link out with a summary card but I don’t know exactly how I put meta tags on my twitch page. I have googled endlessly to find nothing about twitch and Twitter cards. Any help would be appreciated and I am also willing to pay someone to help get it set up properly. Thanks


At least in my case, the Twitter cards markup is already added to the page by Twitch, so you should not need to do anything special, just post your link in a Tweet.


Hmm well it doesn’t work for me, any fix for this? And would it be on twitches end or Twitter?


Twitch would need to implement the meta tags.


Just checked your profile - I see the meta tags in the page, and the card shows up when I Tweet a link from my test account.


O wow awesome it is now working for me. It wasn’t working for me before. Thanks alot for your help.


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