Twitter Studio - User media endpoint



With the release of on the horizon, and users gaining the ability to upload and manage their media in one place, are there any plans to create a GET endpoint for a user’s media? Similar to the UI, where you can select the media button and see a user’s media.

This would be very helpful, and in the same vein of Twitter Studio! Thoughts?


There are no plans that I’m aware of, but will definitely share with the team! Thanks for your interest!


@andypiper Thanks, much appreciated! I saw some other threads from last year along these lines, but with Twitter Studio an endpoint like this suddenly seems more relevant.


Being honest and transparent, I don’t expect or see any move on our side to open that up - that would be specific to our tooling - but I will happily share as an API request from the community.


Specific to your tooling in that Twitter will be the host of users’ media, and wouldn’t want to water that down by providing public API access to users’ media?

I’m pretty excited about the prospects of Twitter Studio, and others are as well. Part of my excitement is associated with being able to build some handy scripts based on the media hosting you all will provide. For example, I might grab a URL out of my studio programatically. I don’t know that I fully understand the motivations to keep an endpoint like this closed off, as from my perspective, it would encourage users to embrace Twitter Studio further.

I’m very interested in your in-the-loop perspective, and am not sure that I fully understand it. I really appreciate the straightforward, honest opinion as well!