Twitter Streaming API



I was using twitter standard streaming API to build a small application,
till now I was using my access token to get it,
I had a question about limits on the number of streams that can be connected from a single IP,
In my application whenever a user logs in I get their access token and secret, can I have a stream for all the users that use my application from single IP?

Let’s say I have 5 users, so I have 5 access token corresponding to a single client.
Each user has a set of keywords that they want to track.
will I be able to create 5 stream connections from a single machine(IP)?
If not what would be an ideal way to do it without using gnip?


Yes you can have one connection per unique user token.

Each connection MUST only exist for the purpose of obtaining data for the specific user token that is in use. Your application MUST NOT pool user tokens to gather more Tweets for a specific purpose outside of the individual use case.

Your app MUST NOT attempt to connect from multiple IP addresses with the same user tokens, the first connection will be disconnected.


Thanks a lot.