Twitter Streaming API - too slow to pull data


Hi all,

I am using Twitter Streaming API to pull content for a certain hashtag. So it works, I have done this before but this time it is extremely slow. In like two hours I have only 15 tweets. Any idea why this might be the case? Thanks!


That generally indicates that only 15 tweets were created during that time.


nope! I was part of the conversation for that hashtag. I even tweeted more than 15 tweets. So it is not that :/. Still pulling the problem is it is pulling almost 1-2 tweets in 30 min.


It might be related to the language predictions/filtering of the tweets. Streaming API missing hashtag only tweets


The Streaming API provides access to a 1% sample of the firehose. If the hashtag you’re describing was very high volume then there’s a chance the results might have been dropped.


Hm I see. That might be it. Thanks! Is there another API that gives access to more than %1?


Yes, but that one is commercial and aimed at enterprise customers. In the future we plan to widen access to our data per our API roadmap.


I see thank you so much. Last thing, have you guys thought about building a Query Builder? Stackexchange has one and it makes things so much easier. just an idea.