Twitter Streaming API seems down



It seems the Streaming APIs are down (tracking, following, etc.) at least in France. My connections are kept re-connecting without any error nor a single tweet in the streams.

Unfortunately, the Twitter API status is not showing any incidents for the last 180 days.


We are seeing this too, since just before 19:07 UTC


For us is something about 45 minutes by now since all the connections have dropped.


We detected an outage at 12:45 PDT


I am kind of glad that I am not alone in this, but not having an ETA is a bit stressful


it seems to be back online again


Logging tweets here, too.


Yes, seems to be back up. Thanks for the confirmation (of being down and up) all.


Glad to hear that :slight_smile:


Just wanted to comment that I experienced this issue too. I noticed it at about 19:45UTC and it lasted for about an hour.


Same here. Can’t connect.


It just started to work again for me

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