Twitter Streaming API Firehose



I’m using a “phirehose lib (php)” for connecting to Twitter stream via the Streaming API to get the statuses for a group of “watched” accounts, i’m confirming if i need to do changes in order to coming update from twitter with Account Activity API


Hello @rrojasf,

The repository that you are using is not managed by Twitter, so I can’t help you much here. I can let you know that it looks to only support streaming APIs and the Account Activity API is a webhook API.


Hi @LeBraat

My current process is connected to ssl://, port=443 so i’m trying to connect to the stream API and consumes the stream.

I’m checking for new tweets from a custom list of “userIds” i’m only interested in got a tweet and extract some info from it…

From this link

I’ve undestood that for this access nothing is changing, is it correct to think that changes are implemented in endpoints related to and


Yes, the currently announced changes and migration to the Account Activity API only apply to the User Streams and Site Streams APIs. The replacement for the existing statuses/filter API you’re calling is outlined on the roadmap, but we’ve not yet provided any timeline nor have we specified the changes that will apply in the future. Watch this space for future information. Phirehose should continue to operate against the existing standard streaming filter API in the meantime.