Twitter stream API track all tweet posted by user who registered in twitter application



I am creating the application which need to track all tweets from
user who registered to my application, i tried to track those with
streaming API , there are public API, user API , and site API,

in those API it just have an option to follow the user ID by add the comma separated user ID

but i think it is not flexible, if there are a new user registered , i
need to rebuild the HTTP request , and also if there are so many users
try to listen this stream and query will be so long,
it will be[user1],[user2],[user3]…[userN],

i afraid the query wont fit, i just need a parameter to filter all user who registered in my application such as, for example.[applicationID]
but i think twitter dev does not provide it

so, is there any way to filter stream by application ID?