Twitter Stream API Tare Limit for IP



I know this questions has be asked many times, but i need to confirm on what i’m understanding.
"Two connections per app ID / IP. You should not attempt to circumvent this"
This is the rule i follow assuming 2 connections for authorized user.
So, if there are 10 authorized users , i can open 20 connection using their access tokens and my app consumer keys.
Am i right ?

Thanks in advance.


User streams are not intended for very high volumes of connections in this manner (and as we’ve announced, user streams will be retired in favour of the account activity API in the future). You’ll find that too many connections will cause previous ones to be disconnected.

Two connections per app ID / IP

This is the limit.


I am not also clear about the streaming limits per IP. Is there limit of one IP can connect to one twitter stream or one app can connect to one twitter stream.

Say I use a shared IP connected to 2 sites. And both sites are connecting to twitter streaming API using two different apps.

Does twitter allow this ? Any twitter documentation on this ?

How to know whether an IP has been restricted by twitter or not ? And if it is restricted, then how to remove the restrictions ?