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Hi ,
I have an enquiry on Twitter story converting to amp article.
Currently I have an article that can be viewed as normal view(desktop) and amp article(mobile). But when we input the URL link into Twitter Stories, Twitter will convert into amp article.

We have also incorporated Google Analytics in our website and thus if my title of the amp article is : GAMP - Title of Article, my statisics for those articles viewed from Twitter will be the same as my mobile.

Google Analytics :
AMP article:
Title : GAMP - Title of Article

Title : GAMP - Title of Article

Is it doable that the title of the article will be “Twitter - Title of Article” and not “GAMP - TItle of Article” in Google Analytics if is viewed from Twitter?

Appreciate any help. Thank You.


There’s some information on Twitter’s support for AMP here - it sounds like you’d need to have the AMP article title tags set on your side I think.


HI Andy,
I have set the title in my program. But the issue is how does my program know when is this article going to Twitter or Google search ? I am able to define the title of the article for Google AMP but I am not sure how to define going to Twitter.

Just need to know whether is this doable.


Any idea?


I’m not personally very familiar with this beyond the documentation I’ve pointed you at, sorry.

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