Twitter showing smaller (square) image even with "summary_large_image" in header


On my Wordpress site, I’m using a plugin called WP to Twitter that sends my WP posts to Twitter automatically. Each of my posts has a featured image that is meets the size minimum for large image cards. The issue, however, is that Twitter is showing a smaller/square/cropped version.

My understanding is that if you place in your header, then the larger version will display. What’s the issue?


There are troubleshooting tips for this in the pinned post. If you’re still seeing unusual display behaviour after checking this, it could be that an experiment is running which varies the display for some users.


Well I just determined that the major issue was that my Yoast SEO plugin had a Twitter option that was activated…which used summary for image instead of large. Once I removed that, it resolved (most of) the issue. The other issue is aspect ratio. Twitter suggests a minimum of 280w x 150h. I’m finding, however, that a 2:1 ratio works a bit better to avoid any cropping.


We are in the process of updating our size guidance to match exactly that (2:1 ratio) in the coming days.


That would be ideal, thanks for the update!

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