Twitter-share-button shows No Tweet results for http://www.... when I click the tweet count button


I’m using the twitter-share-button:

…and the number count goes up as the button is used but when I click the count button the twitter search page says:
No Tweet results for

The page I’m testing is here:

This isn’t a case of “be patient” because I implemented this months ago and am finally getting back to seeing why this does not work.

Thanks so much for any help.



Most search results only go back a week, and not all tweets are indexed by search. The counter will reflect the tweets that have been produced pointing to your URL, but search won’t necessarily contain those tweets, depending on a few factors.

See this FAQ for more info:


Share a Link button: Real-time Results works only when removing http://www. from search query

I think @bankerwire is onto something

If you create a Share a Link button using the URL the Preview and Code section shows 5 retweets.

You click on the 5 Retweets to see the results - it generates this query, which shows nothing

However - if you manually remove the http://www from the query, the results appear

Another example - using - the Share a Link button shows 2 retweets but no results

If you remove the "http://www"
this query gives 5 results

I was just about to post this to Twitter Support - which gives more examples

Share a Link button: Real-time Results works only when removing http://www. from search query

There appears to a problem with the “Share a Link” button

The “No Tweet results” message comes up when the button shows the page has been shared many times.

When I query those results, the search query is broken - the results are there, but are not being called correctly

If I manually remove the “http://www” from the search query, the Tweet results are called correctly and appear

To replicate the problem and solution:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Share URL
  3. input - shows 188 tweets -
  4. Under Preview and Code click to view these tweets = No Tweet Results
  5. input - shows 188 tweets - click to view results = No Tweet Results
  6. Under Preview and Code click to view these tweets = A full page of Tweets for this page

So If I manually remove the http:// from the search results, the search query works

Stranger still it works differently with sub pages

  1. Go to
  2. Select Share URL
  3. input - shows 332 tweets -
    4 or input just - shows 332 tweets -
  4. In both cases, Under Preview and Code click to view these tweets = No Tweet Results;//

If I remove the http://www from the search query

I get a whole page of search results.

With the default example on the Preview and Code section - the query works properly


If you’d rather users click through to a search about the domain name “” instead of “” shouldn’t you just either use that domain name on your site instead and/or configure the Tweet Button to use the variant of the URL you desire instead? I’m not seeing the issue. To Twitter, and are two separate domain names.


I’m running into a similar problem with “” - our tweet button shows 0 tweets, but when I click the link, I see a lot of search results. Conversely, if I change the tweet button to use “” I see the button counter go to ~30, but the search results for that domain only include 1 tweet from several months ago. What’s frustrating is, all of the links to our web site we share to other people include the “www.” so, it seems like for some reason, twitter search is showing the “www.” search results when searching for “

I took a screenshot of one of our tweets (while hovering over the link). Twitter displays the link as “…” despite the fact that we included the “www.” as can be seen in the link location hover. Consequently, despite the fact that our canonical home page is “” Twitter search acts like it’s “



Taylor, thanks for your response.

I am still having the issue.

I can’t explain it without screenshots:

I have put some screenshots up here

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks


I had the same problem. I was trying to hardcode the URL into the button, because on my index page, I’m using multiple buttons to show the tweets for each page. Because of that I have to hardcode the button on all of the pages, using PHP. Here’s an example of the problem before. Notice the www is different than the non www page: - This Link Has Zero Tweets Link Has 5 Tweets

Here’s the homepage, if you want to see the multiple buttons on one page working: Syntaxxx homepage

Let me know if you want me to leave the PHP code here.

Here’s the homepage


Even i am facing same problem. If any one can help me out.
Thanks in advance