Twitter Share Button Not Working


For some reason, the Twitter share button is coming up with the “over 140 characters” message and considering the full URL as part of the tweet.

For example, at these sites:

If you click the Twitter Share button, and try to post it as is, you will see an error message that tweet is over 140 characters.

Any thoughts on why this is happening?


I was able to post successfully using the default text for all those URLs. Do you still see the issue?




All of the super stars need to go on strike and then maybe they will see that what they are doi


I upgraded my page to the new Twitter look about a month ago. Today, Twitter changed my news feed and removed the RT button, using the same type of RT/Share arrows as on the new upgraded home pages. I have been having problems RT/Sharing, also the Favorite (star) does not work. When I put my cursor over either, I get a small “retweet” which flashes but I cannot, actually, click on it. When I try, nothing happens at all. The same thing happens when I try to Favorite a post. Please help!