Twitter share button and mobile application


Hi all, I’ve got a question.
When I’ve implemented Tweet button on my website - it’s working OK on any mobile phone, sharing content using website form when clicked, but after installing Twitter application on mobile it’s trying to take an action, opening application suggestion after clicking on the tweet button.
The main problem is stability, cause it is crashing quite often when trying to tweet on russian using mobile application, so the users become confused.
Is there any way to disable such a behavior, so the mobile application would completely ignore click on share button link? I’ve found a partial solution: if you’re using “tw_p=tweetbutton” parameter in the URL, it is working fine on most mobiles like LG Nexus 5 with the twitter app v5.1.4, but on the Samsung Galaxy Note with the same twitter app it still trying to tweet using app.
Is there any solid version/platform independent solution? Will be glad for any help, thanks in advance.