Twitter settings not allow me to add my mobile number


hello all

i had create one application for using login with twitter
then i i want to change permission read only to read and write
but when i change the permission twitter ask please enter mobile number.
and then i m go to my profile settings and add mobile number and select operator then when i submitted error fired.

"Sorry, we don’t have a connection to your carrier yet!

Don’t worry, we’re on it and will let you know once things are set up. In the meantime, use one of our long codes. Learn more. " Try again.

so how should be do this.

please help me.


they mean that your country does not appear in that list so if you know someone lives in another country different than yours and the country where he lives appear in the list add his number then follow the steps its work… This is what i did.


Please take a look at this discussion thread: New App Registration Flow (

If your carrier is not currently supported please contact our Platform Operations team by using the “I have an API policy question not covered by these points” option at


same problems ,any body have the soluation .please help