Twitter services to re-direct to Web Page on iOS if app is not installed



I am trying to re-direct my iOS app to Twitter web page if Twitter app is not installed on my device.

But unlike Android in iOS this doesn’t seems to work. It just shows a pop saying no Twitter services enabled. Can you help me on this.

This is the code that I am using. Thanks in advance.

 NSData *data = [prefs valueForKey:@"SreenShotImage"];

TWTRComposer *composer = [[TWTRComposer alloc] init];

[composer setText:@"just setting up my Fabric"];
       [composer setImage:[UIImage imageWithData:data]];

// Called from a UIViewController
[composer showFromViewController:self completion:^(TWTRComposerResult result)
    if (result == TWTRComposerResultCancelled)
        NSLog(@"Tweet composition cancelled");
        NSLog(@"Sending Tweet!");