Twitter seems to return wrong postId


We post to twitter using the twitter4j library. It’s response object returns the postid of the tweet we just did. But when we use this postid to look at that specific tweet we get a 404. However if we look at the person’s page, the tweet does exist but with has a different post id. This behavior is not so frequent but we have started seeing such cases a little more than earlier. The ratio of such occurrences is 5-10 in a thousand. One such case is :

Following is the postId we got when did the tweet:
But when we try to get to the status by formulating the url, we get a 404. Url we are looking at is :

On looking through rest of the statuses, we could find the one which we posted but it has a different postId then we actually received when we did the post. The postId it has is : 419268183871475712. And hence the working url is :

We couldn’t reproduce it but we see such cases in our data now. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.