Twitter search widget showing Top tweets but not All tweets


The Twitter search widget on our website is showing Top tweets rather than All tweets resulting in some users not appearing in the widget at all. This never used to happen. Is there anything wrong with the code below?


The way search produces search results evolves over time. Your use case would be better supported through usage of a list widget instead. See this FAQ entry for more information:



Tried a list widget, it went blank after about the fifth vist to the page…


They’re rate limited at a different rate than search widgets – from your IP address that you visit from in your web browser, you’re only allowed 150 requests to Twitter per hour – if you share the IP address and visit a lot of sites that have widgets on them, you increase the chance of that happening. However, in most cases end-users viewing your site will be coming with a fresh rate limit and not have the same issue.


you have “toptweets: true”, change it to false.


Tried that, doesn’t make any difference.


Hey Taylor - your comment on the 150 limit from a single IP address sounds like a similar problem that I posted today - “Embedding Twitter into a Uni Website”. Would you mind having a quick look at my post and giving me your opinion?

Pinkun - sorry to cut across your string with an unrelated matter.


im experiencing the same issue when its never happened before. Would like to know whats going on