Twitter search widget preview displays: Hmm, an empty timeline. That's weird


I tried to create a search widget. After entering the search query #x @trafficbutter, I get the response:

Hmm, an empty timeline. That’s weird.

However, when I click on the button for “check for tweets”, the search results display accurately and perfectly on twitter.

What could the issue be? Are there new restrictions on the search widget? I need this specific content to display on my website.

Would appreciate any feedback you can give me on this. Thank you.


Checking that query on there are zero results. The search API index does not provide 100% coverage of search terms, as described in the documentation. It may be that an alternative combination of search terms may return results (for example, @trafficbutter AND abdrives and @trafficbutter AND traffic both seem to return results).

If you need specific content to appear on your site, we’d always recommend using a Collection timeline that you can curate using TweetDeck or a mobile app like Charm - the search widget is limited to 7 days of history and an incomplete index, and it can be difficult to filter out results that you may not want to display.


Hello Andy.

Thanks for the feedback.

I was wondering: is there anyway to automate the addition of tweets to a collection timeline?

Manual addition is very tedious. Got any tips?


Per the automation rules, it is not a good idea to automate the addition of Tweets to a Collection. That’s not the intended use of the Collections feature.

If you do need to use a search timeline you’ll need to be aware of the issues I pointed out in the previous reply.


Okay. Thanks Andy. Appreciate your help. Will use the manual Collections approach. Cheers.


Hey Andy. I noticed that some images from my twitter feed display on the embedded timeline and some do not display. The ones that do not display only display a link to the original tweet on twitter. This is inconsistent behavior. Please do you by any chance know why this is happening?


Are all of the images embedded into the original Tweet, or do some of them come from embedded URLs? Are any of the Tweets longer Tweets i.e. 140 characters of text plus an image?


All the the images are embedded into the original tweet. What I mean is that I either manually added the images or added them using the\whatever link. The tweets are all sent from Tweetdeck which only allows you a maximum of 140 characters. Images do not affect this tweet limit any longer.


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