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I’m finding that when generating widgets through the Settings Interface of a standard Twitter account, the “data-widget-id” number is not auto-populating as it used to and I’m having to scrape it from the url in order for the widget to render correctly on my website ( I’ve attached two versions of the code below to exemplify:

Code Generated as of 9/3/14:
#EVEREADYParty Tweets

Code Generated as of 8/25/14:
#EVEREADYParty Tweets

Please review with your team the auto-generating script to ensure that it’s pulling the data-widget-id into the widget code.

Thank you!

Brian Slattery (@BrianSlatts)


YES! Thank you for posting this question… I’m about insane trying to get a twitter ID to generate within the code and it AINT HAPPENING… I’ve been on a Mac on a PC… I’ve been on Chrome, Safari, Firefox… I’m almost bald. Please fix this Twitter!


We are currently investigating the problem.
Currently the only workaround is to get the value for data-widget-id from the URL of the widget configuration page: that page’s URL is of the form, with XXXXXXXXXX being the widget id.