Twitter search widget 1.1 helpppp


Hello follow developers. im new to the development industry and needed some help on the twitter search widget 1.1

i am currently following this guide to build the widget

i have managed to get the widget UI running, however when my page loads, an error message pops "Twitter verification failed. Try logout and login again"
After that, i proceed to click the gear icon(setting) , thr’s a login button there and it brought me to the twitter page when im automatically signed in and redirected to an error page.

The error is as follow

PHP Warning: mcrypt_encrypt(): The IV parameter must be as long as the blocksize in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\oauthproxy\Encrypt.php on line 29

*I have ran, and mcrypt is already installed in my php *

So, how do i…

  1. fix the verification error when my page loads
  2. get rid of the mcrypt problem

Pls guide me along, im very new to the industry and i have almost no knowledge of php…>.<
If possible, pls tell me which file i need to change the code at, and what code to be changed (Based on the link > downloaded file given )

I know it’s troublesome and ridiculous to spoonfeed somebody like this, but im really at my wit’s end.

Thx in advance

P.S im building the widget on Flash builder 4.6



for those facing the same problem as me, i have fixed the mcrypt problem but problem 1 still persist and a new problem arises.

To fix the mcrypt error, change “MCRYPT_MODE_CFB” to “MCRYPT_MODE_ECB” in Encrypt.php
(Line 29) if you followed the downloads from my link.

Note, Verification error when page loads still persist Pls help !!

And, when i did the manual login ( setting > login ), Twitter said successfully authenticated, However, tweets are not loaded in the widget. helpelpelpeleplplp

Thx in advance